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…And We’re Live!

19 Oct

There are 12 days and counting until National Novel Writing Month begins.  The countdown to the big day is sometimes filled with anxiety and worry, but as you may have guessed, we believe in “Fun Not Fear.” Sure, the thought of writing 50k in 30 days in daunting, but we’ve learned that the best writing happens when we’re enjoying ourselves and surrounded by people who are there to support and encourage us.  Between now and November 30th, we’re building a space where WriMos can find that support and encouragement.  Through weekly check-ins (posted every Friday), you’ll have the chance to pop in and chat about your successes and challenges, and to connect with others who have decided to take the NaNo challenge.

So go ahead — grab a drink (there’s a full bar just over to the side there), gather ‘round, and introduce yourselves. Is this your first time tackling NaNo? Any ideas for what you’ll work on next month? Any tips you’d like to share about plotting, planning, or other NaNo prep you’re currently doing?



16 Oct

There are countless forums, blogs, and support groups that abound for the intrepid writers who tackle National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) each year.  Many of them are linked up on our blogroll, and we encourage you to swing by and check them out.  Fun Not Fear is a forum for WriMos to share their progress, struggles, and successes. It’s a place to vent, but more importantly, this is a place to gain support.

We will post brief NaNo check-ins on Fridays and we hope people will stop by and comment letting us know how they are getting on. With the writing that NaNo requires we won’t be posting apart from these check-ins else we will find ourselves distracting ourselves with posting rather than writing!

Fun Not Fear! WriMo Buddies

Click here to add your NaNoWriMo profile to the list, and check out everyone else who’s participating.

Coming Soon!

12 Oct

Project Nano: Fun Not Fear! is under the development. Check back soon for resources, articles, and support for NaNoWriMo.